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Made in Germany | 23 active ingredients | virtually sugar-free

✅ Lusors Spezialedition: Zwei BOOSTS, ein einzigartiger Kaktusfeigengeschmack

✅ Hochwertige Shaker im Set: Zeige Stil mit Deko und Marbossa Design

✅ Sammlerstück: Limited Edition Box, von Deko und Marbossa kreativ gestaltet

Sale price€44,99
Kaktusfeige: Aim Boost


Shaker: Lusor Blue


Choose your BOOST


AIM BOOST meets MIND BOOST: Two power drinks, but only one will be your favorite. AIM offers pure energy, MIND, created in prickly pear by the Lusors, promotes your spirit. In eye-catching shakers designed by the Lusors, the choice is difficult, but always sensational. Which boost do you choose?




Marbossa & Decoration: Two legends, one box!

The exclusive collector's box, designed in collaboration with the Lusors. Their unique design features two distinctive goatmen - Marbossa and Deko, the team's icons. This box is not only a tribute to their uniqueness, but also a collector's item for everyone who appreciates something special. Get a piece of Lusors history!

Stainless steel in Lusor style: choose your favorite!

The essence of Lusors in a shaker: TRIEBWERK's stainless steel blender bottle now in Deko's elegant white-gray and Marbossa's striking all-black. This shaker is not only functionally top-notch, but also bears the unmistakable seal of Deko and Marbossa. Who will be your companion?

Prickly Pear Challenge: Are you Team AIM or Team MIND?

Duel of the giants: AIM BOOST versus MIND BOOST. Whether you're looking for unparalleled focus or pursuing clarity of thought and increased awareness, both boosts bring you the best in the exclusive Prickly Pear flavor created by the Lusors. Which power experience do you prefer today?


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