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Energy meets concentration.


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Mike P.

If you've tried countless energy drinks then you can and must say that Triebwerk Energy is the best I've ever had, that's an awesome taste experience... more


Super good taste.
At least 80 percent less sugar than conventional energy drinks.
Price performance perfectly cheaper than the same amount of comparable energy drinks (compare with rockstar energy)... more


So far I have only had good experiences with the TRIEBWERK. Be it advice and customer service of any kind, shipping and packaging, surprises from Triebwerk's side, everything is represented. Absolutely clear recommendation for me!!!!



Our shots and gums are completely sugar-free ; in AIM BOOST we use 90% less sugar than is contained in conventional energy drinks

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For maximum concentration

Gives you mental clarity and focus

Ideal dosage

Optimal dose and synergy of active ingredients for maximum effectiveness

No artificial colors

We stand for natural colors and selected ingredients

Almost sugar-free

Our products either contain little or no sugar at all

Simply more awake! ⠀ | ⠀ Energy you need ⠀⠀|

Caffeine from 2 sources

For maximum effectiveness, we have combined the caffeine from two sources! You can't be more awake


Completely without sugar and aspartame! If you treat yourself to our BOOST, you won't fall into a sugar hole!

Awake in seconds

50mg caffeine and 50% of the daily dose of vitamin B1, all absorbed through the oral mucosa

Made in Germany

Our active ingredient complex consisting of 23 active ingredients is developed and produced for you in Germany!

60ml Powershot

No more unwanted bathroom breaks! At just 60ml, our shot gives you the kick with minimal liquid

Our partners

"The Energy Shot from TRIEBWERK combines effectiveness with easy handling, which is why it is the perfect tool for us for long missions and gives our officers the boost they need in a wide range of operational situations."

German police union

"I always take the shots during the game and make sure that I don't run out of energy right before the end. Plus, the small amount of liquid is perfect so that you don't get a watery stomach."

Landon Gare | Professional hockey player


From professional sports to everyday life

Once upon a time there were two young men with an ice-cold passion for the fastest team sport in the world. Restless, dynamic, physical – 70 games a year, always hard and against the gang out of love. The two ice hockey professionals Achim Moosberger and Kyle Piwowarczyk know only too well this power play of emotions between sporting ambition, bloody blades and extreme physical stress

The first products are launched

TRIEBWERK gets going

To counteract the enormous stress, they initially try legal doping in the form of performance-enhancing substances such as creatine and other supplements. Conclusion: Not really satisfactory. This ultimately gives the two of them the idea of ​​researching alternative, innovative energy products.

The team is growing

Keep moving forward

​In the course of product development for the Triebwerk brand, Achim and Kyle get to know the former competitive athlete and successful businessman Klaus Möhwald and the original idea turns into a promising plan. When Frank Neff, sales specialist and head of “Team Triebwerk,” joined, the project took off.


We, TRIEBWERK, are heading towards new horizons together with the new partners from Evenmore. With renewed vigor and expanded resources, we will continue to pursue and realize our vision of doping-free energy products that ensure peak performance both in everyday life and in sport. This new partnership opens up new opportunities for us and brings us one step closer to our goal of revolutionizing the world of sports and energy supplements. Together we will continue to work hard to achieve the best results and transform the market.