Gummy Bear Box

Made in Germany | 23 active ingredients | virtually sugar-free

⌛ Only for a limited time
🤤 Sensational gummy bear taste
🎁 With exclusive collector's box
🚫 90% less sugar than energy drinks
✅ 400g can | 40 servings
Sale price€36,99
Version: Solo


Get your collector's box

Discover our exclusive, high-quality collector's box in an enticing gummy bear design! This limited edition brings childlike joy and energy straight to your home. In the box you will find the irresistible gummy bear special edition from AIM BOOST, which will delight you with its sweet and fruity taste. Enjoy the bearish energy and concentration that this special AIM BOOST offers you.

Unleash the bear

Whether you're a gamer, athlete or simply someone who needs that extra kick to stay focused - our AIM BOOST in gummy bear flavor is your perfect companion. With 200mg of caffeine, a B vitamin complex, L-tyrosine, vitamin C and maca, this special edition is designed to increase your concentration, reduce fatigue and improve your overall performance. And with 90% less sugar than traditional energy drinks, you can enjoy the delicious taste of gummy bears without any regrets.

While stocks last

Order your AIM BOOST in gummy bear flavor today and get ready to power through your day. Whether you want to advance in your favorite game, push your limits in the gym or simply stay focused at work - our AIM BOOST in gummy bear flavor has you covered.


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