Aim Boost Strawberry

Made in Germany | 23 active ingredients | virtually sugar-free

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Variante: Sammlerbox mit Shaker


Get your collector's box

Discover our exclusive, high-quality collector's box in a seductive strawberry design! This limited edition brings summer freshness straight to your home. In the box you will not only find the irresistible strawberry summer edition of AIM BOOST, but also a matching red shaker to prepare your shake in no time.

Shake it till you make it

Mixing the refreshing strawberry milkshake is child's play: simply pour 500 ml of milk into the red shaker provided, add a portion of the AIM BOOST strawberry powder and shake everything vigorously. You can enjoy the summer focus booster in no time!

Focus on summer

Let yourself be inspired by the summer edition of AIM BOOST and experience how the delicious strawberry milkshake increases your concentration and mental performance. Our tried-and-tested dietary supplement is now available in a refreshing, summery version - perfect for keeping cool in warm temperatures. Get the limited collector's box now and enjoy AIM BOOST in a whole new, summery way!

Our further development of the summer edition

Strawberry upgrade

We proudly present: AIM BOOST Strawberry - after the sensational success of our pineapple-coconut-banana summer edition 2021! This new flavor combines juicy strawberries with our proven AIM BOOST formula for focused energy.

The strawberry focus booster is easy to prepare: put 500 ml of water (or milk for a creamy milkshake) in a shaker, add a portion of AIM BOOST strawberry powder and shake vigorously. Enjoy the fruity, fresh shake that invigorates your spirit and pampers your senses.

Get the AIM BOOST strawberry now and discover the strawberry lightness of being - the perfect mix for maximum concentration and summer enjoyment!





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